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Gotta Go Septic Pumping

If your septic system is backing up into the drains of your house, you have a problem. Before it gets to that point, the GA Department of Health recommends that septic systems be serviced every 3-5 years or so depending on usage.  Our septic pumper is trained & certified annually in GA, NC, & SC. If your septic tank needs pumped, please contact our office for specific pricing! 

Septic Tank Locating Service

Your local health department should have some information on your septic system, but if you still need help, Gotta Go Septic Tank Pumping has the trained employees and right equipment to do it. Toilets inside the home have to be in flushing order for our transmitter to work! Contact us to schedule a time when someone can let our employees into the house to flush a transmitter "bug" down the toilet.  Gotta Go will use their equipment to locate and mark the location of your septic tank. 

Bioforce Septic Treatment

Many of our customers recommend using Bio Force, a "live bacteria" septic treatment.  Come by the shop at 195 Hollifield Conn. Rd. Tiger, GA to buy a gallon which lasts about a year! $25 a gallon.